ACU Schlapp on Loretta Lynch: “Providing cover for this President’s unconstitutional actions is not a job qualification”

ACU Schlapp on Loretta Lynch: “Providing cover for this President’s unconstitutional actions is not a job qualification”

ACU’s Matt Schlapp on Loretta Lynch Confirmation:

WASHINGTON DC – American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp released the following statement opposing the confirmation of Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s pick to replace Attorney General Eric Holder:

“As bad as Eric Holder has been, ACU and the conservative movement continue to oppose Loretta Lynch’s nomination,” said Schlapp.

“Ms. Lynch has a history of supporting unconstitutional actions. First, Ms. Lynch has stated that she supports President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. Second, ACU has concerns about where Ms. Lynch stands on the 2nd Amendment.  In hearings, and in her written answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee, she dodges questions regarding her opinions on Fast and Furious and the so-called gun show loophole, incredibly claiming to be ‘not familiar’ with the specifics of both of the issues.  If she can’t be forthright with the Senate regarding her positions on these important topics, how can we trust her to work within the Constitution as Attorney General?”

Lynch Loretta

“And third, as U.S. Attorney, Ms. Lynch prosecuted ordinary citizens for actions that are ordinary business practices.  Her abuse of asset forfeiture laws are something that should make all Americans question this nomination. Lynch has ignored numerous cases of misconduct by attorneys in her office, such as hiding evidence they were required to give to the defense and failing to disclose witnesses prior to trial.  The repeated use of such secrecy invites criticism that Ms. Lynch’s office actively undermined the right to a public trial guaranteed by our Constitution.

“In short, Loretta Lynch has used the powers of the office of the U.S. Attorney to ‘win at all costs,’ undermining our system of justice and blatantly ignoring the constitutional rights of those under her jurisdiction. This is not the record of someone who should lead our Department of Justice.”


“President Obama displays a willingness to sidestep the Constitution at every opportunity,” added Schlapp. “Whether it’s normalizing relations with Cuban tyrants, his executive actions on immigration, or forcing government controlled Obamacare on Americans, this president continues to pursue a radical left-wing agenda that operates free from Constitutional checks and balances. Americans deserve an Attorney General who will adhere to the Constitution.  Providing cover for this President’s unconstitutional actions is not a job qualification.”



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