Donald Trump blasts Obama! You impact hasn’t positively helped thugs destroying Baltimore!

Donald Trump blasts Obama! You impact hasn’t positively helped thugs destroying Baltimore!

Businessman, entrepreneur Donald Trump has many titles and many successes over the years and he’s also had a few failures but one thing he doesn’t step back from and that’s being a patriot. Trump has been following the incidents in Baltimore, MD with the riots over the weekend, yesterday and now the state emergency implemented by Governor Larry Hogan late last night. Trump took to social media to voice his anger at the so-called leaders not doing things properly and enabling the environment of thugs to rule the city.

Here are a few of his tweets that went viral:

Trump Baltimore

Donald, Thank you for speaking the truth. Something a lot of people don’t want to hear these days. Obama is an utter failure and contributing heavily to the demise of America.

Quite honestly I think Obama’s afraid to go to Baltimore and fail. He’s almost as scared to go to Baltimore and succeed, and forever be “the black President that took the white people’s side.” This whole thing is about race….and racism is far more widespread and destructive coming from the side of the issue you’re NOT attacking.

Trump is a smart man….and he has almost NO filter, which means he says things that will not invite him over to many homes for dinner but will rally a city for change if needed.

Trump is right. Obama is in a unique position, BECAUSE HE’S BLACK, to control this situation and he just won’t do it.

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