Here Are The 10 Most Absurd Media Attacks On Rand Paul

Here Are The 10 Most Absurd Media Attacks On Rand Paul

Here are the 10 most absurd attacks on Rand Paul from the mainstream media.

1) Rand Paul is being criticized as ‘sexist’ and anti-women for calling out Savannah Guthrie and the rest of the media that is trying to destroy his presidential hopes.

2) Liberal source ThinkProgress wrote an article claiming Rand Paul isn’t a libertarian. The author thinks because all libertarians must be liberal on social issues and that he opposes what they call “abortion rights”, that apparently makes Paul anything but a libertarian. This is simply not true. There are different varieties of libertarianism, and not every libertarian will agree on every issue anyway. There are what some would call right-leaning and left-leaning libertarians. Paul happens to be a right-leaning libertarian, or as he would call himself, a constitutional conservative. The author doesn’t realize there are many libertarians who happen to be pro-life, contrary to the myth that they’re all “pro-choice.” Besides, since when do liberals care whether Rand constitutes as a libertarian or not? Their big government liberal policies have no compatibility with libertarianism anyway. Rand Paul is then criticized for not supporting same-sex marriage. In actuality, Paul personally supports traditional marriage but believes marriage should be left at the state level, not the federal level. They are trying to portray him as a big government, neoconservative, which is the farthest thing from the truth.

3) Planned Parenthood’s Twitter page posted a tweet that criticized Rand Paul’s “Show Your Support” page for not having a “Women For Rand” option. Because of this, they are trying to make him look sexist or anti-women. This is absurd and Planned Parenthood clearly is not aware of all the women who already support Rand. Besides, there was no “Men For Rand” option either.

4) Rand Paul is painted as an “isolationist” and an “extremist” for some of his foreign policy views. It is unfortunate when these false attacks come from fellow Republicans such as Karl Rove, Rick Perry, and others. There is a difference between being an isolationist and a non-interventionist. Paul is not an isolationist, but at the same time doesn’t believe we need to police the world and get involved in the affairs of every country. Being conservative and supporting a limited government like Rand doesn’t mean being a war hawk and starting wars with every country. Limited government doesn’t just mean balancing our budgets and reduce fiscal spending, but also involves some limits on spending for foreign policy as well. He happens to personally oppose going into Iraq under George W. Bush, and he is criticized for being too soft because of it. Plus, the media that view his dad Ron Paul as an “extremist,” tend to unfairly pass that stigma unto his son.

5) Another author from ThinkProgress claimed Rand Paul would be the “worst president on civil rights since the 1800’s.”

6) Rand Paul is called anti-gay for supporting traditional marriage and believing in the states’ decision to handle marriage. Would these same liberals call Muslims who oppose same-sex marriage as anti-gay too? And don’t forget about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supporting traditional marriage, before they flip-flopped on it, yet the media gives those two a pass since they’re liberal.

7) Rand Paul is being attacked in the most recent ad against him, claiming he stands with Obama on the Iran deal, which is clearly a distortion.

8) Believe it or not, there are some libertarians who think Rand Paul isn’t libertarian enough for them. In one article, Rand Paul is described as a “rather too predictable contemporary Republican.” They proceed with the following.

He is simply interested in winning—and if that means using the power of big government to thwart the legitimate and honorable democratic aspirations of citizens, so be it.

9) Far-left source Salon wrote an article in February, claiming Rand Paul lied about his college records. In their first paragraph, they wrote the following.

Ophthalmologist-turned-politician Rand Paul may have a medical degree from Duke University, but the Kentucky senator and likely 2016 presidential candidate never completed his undergraduate education at Baylor University. So why did Paul assert twice yesterday that he holds two bachelor’s degrees from the institution?

While the left wants to try to distort every statement from Rand, they give Obama a pass, who still has his college records sealed from the public.

10) Salon wrote another article, claiming Rand Paul is already doomed. They claim the following.

William F. Buckley Jr. once famously said that Republicans should nominate the most conservative candidate who can also win. The test has proven a surprisingly accurate predictor of the party’s presidential candidate: Mitt Romney beat the unelectable conservatives to his right; George W. Bush beat the waffling conservatives to his left.

This time around, most of the potential GOP candidates once again lack either broad electoral appeal (Ted Cruz) or the credentials to win over the conservative base (Jeb Bush, Chris Christie). One candidate, however, has the unique distinction of failing both of Buckley’s criteria: Rand Paul.

Rand Paul just announced his bid for the 2016 presidency, and Salon wants to claim he’s already doomed. Those who claim he already doesn’t stand a chance are the same ones most scared of him having a chance to win. The same has been said about Ted Cruz.

These 10 attacks on Rand Paul will just be a small taste of what is yet to come in the next year and a half as the mainstream media will try to use every single lie and dirty tactic to take on all the GOP candidates. However, I have great faith that candidates like Rand Paul are ready for the challenge because we badly need a new president who will bring back America to its greatness.

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