Barack Obama’s narrative that Fox News calls poor Americans “leeches and sponges” is highly offensive

Barack Obama’s narrative that Fox News calls poor Americans “leeches and sponges” is highly offensive

Barack Obama’s entire narrative is BS, and flatly offensive.

There are very few “rich people” in America who have not, in their lives, known firsthand what it is like to not be able to pay the bills. It might be difficult for an elite prep school, Ivy League brat like Obama, who was paid millions for a book he hadn’t even written before he even left college, to comprehend, but it is exactly because we have worked hard and struggled to pay our bills that we are disgusted by his demand for more of our hard-earned wealth. No, Mr Obama, running a successful business is not “winning the lottery,” it is work.

Here he is accusing Fox News on public TV of labeling the poor leeches and sponges:

Having never built anything in his life, the community-organizer-in-chief cannot possibly understand how offensive the “you-didn’t-build-that” mantra of the confiscatory left is to people who, unlike the government he runs, actually pay their own bills. I do not have a negative view of the poor. I have a negative view of politicians who waste my money, run up debt, enrich themselves, and sanctimoniously chide me for not wanting to give up even more of my earnings to their wasted effort.

Frankly, few programs on earth show a poorer empirical record of producing results than the US federal efforts at job training and early childhood education that he preposterously presents as a solution. The hundreds of billions spent on these programs already have produced thin results, and it is beyond irresponsible to assert that flushing more money down that toilet will solve the problems of America’s poor.

This nation spends nearly a trillion dollars a year on means tested programs. The problem is not a lack of investment, or a need for government to take more money away from the people. The problem is with the people who spend that money.

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