Where’s The Media Outrage? 7 Year Old Shot In Head In Baltimore

Where’s The Media Outrage? 7 Year Old Shot In Head In Baltimore

In one of the most recent acts of post-Freddie Gray violence, a mother, and her 7-year-old son were found shot in the head Thursday morning in Baltimore. The family has identified the victims as 31-year-old Jennifer Jeffrey Browne and Kester Browne III.

Baltimore Police Sgt. Jarron Jackson was outraged with the cold-blooded killer responsible for this.

This person is an absolute coward to shoot a child in the head and snatch his life away from him. We definitely need the community’s help to get him taken off the street.

So where is the national media’s outrage over this tragedy? Why do these countless acts of violence in Baltimore and Chicago keep being ignored? I wish the media would show a fraction of the attention they gave to the Freddie Gray story. There are still many unanswered questions in that case but in today’s world, it seems like every cop is found guilty until proven innocent.

What makes the shooting of these two victims even sadder is that it is not a one-time occurrence, but something that takes place almost every day in some of these cities. The only reason the media won’t cover them is that they’re mostly gang related, but it becomes 24/7 coverage if it was a cop being accused.

So where is the outrage from those like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson over this latest act of violence in Baltimore? We’re not seeing it.

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