Scott Walker just took this position for military members in his state and should be applauded!

Scott Walker just took this position for military members in his state and should be applauded!

Following the deadly attacks in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which cost five innocent Americans their lives, it seems two governors have now taken action to keep military facilities safe in their state. Oklahoma Governor Fallin took action last week and now Governor Walker is following behind her, and both deserve a round of applause.

Similar to Fallin’s move to increase safety for the military within her state, Walker issued an executive order today allowing the Wisconsin National Guard members to carry weapons while on duty, Fox 6 reports.

“Safety must be our top priority, especially in light of the horrific attack in Chattanooga. Allowing our National Guard members to carry weapons while on duty gives them the tools they need to serve and protect our citizens, as well as themselves,” Governor Walker explained in a statement. “I am also directing Adjutant General Donald Dunbar to evaluate longer-term plans to ensure the safety of our service members.”

With two governors now on board, doing what makes sense in light of recent events, perhaps the fools on the federal level will catch on and support our military members’ Second Amendment rights to protect themselves. “Shall not be infringed” should be a pretty easy phrase to understand. “Gun-free zone” doesn’t coincide with this sentiment.

How many more have to die before the gun-grabbers in Washington abandon their failed and unconstitutional policies?

It’s unfortunate that the warnings issued by ISIS were not taken seriously by our leadership before 5 Americans lost their lives. This is America, where the right to bear arms is fundamental and a part of our foundation.

What do you think about this decision by Scott Walker? Are you considering to vote for him? Let us know what you think in our comment section below and add this post to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

H/T – Fox 6


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