10 Presidential hopefuls were invited to Erick Erickson’s RedState Gathering but not Ben Carson and here’s why – AUDIO

10 Presidential hopefuls were invited to Erick Erickson’s RedState Gathering but not Ben Carson and here’s why – AUDIO

I didn’t attend RedState for personal reasons, but the updates were via social media, and I found something very odd earlier this afternoon and I think you will too.

I was alerted to the fact GOP Presidential hopeful Ben Carson had not been invited to the RedState Gathering (RS) hosted by Erick Erickson in Atlanta, GA this weekend. I thought that odd because there were ten invites, and I had been watching the back and forth anger tweets between Erickson’s supporters and Trump’s supporters on “The Donald’s” disinvite.

Erickson is in charge of the event. I know this event was his baby, and he can invite who he wants and keep away who he doesn’t. But when something smells fishy, and it’s allowed just to sit and rot, then someone needs to attend to that smell and the non-invite of Dr. Ben Carson falls in that realm.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump was disinvited to RS Gathering last night after a comment he made about Megyn Kelly during a CNN interview that was perceived to be distasteful and out of bounds. That drew rage around the social media world.

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But when it comes to Carson not being invited while ten other candidates were, I wanted to know why and the more I researched, the more I started to get angry. Elisha Crews, part of the CONSERVATIVE BROTHERHOOD was able to capture audio this afternoon during the RS Gathering of Erickson explaining why he didn’t INVITE Carson and my blood boiled.

“Why wasn’t Dr. Carson invited…I’ll be very honest with you,” said Erickson.

“I was at two different military events for non-profit in the last year, they were non-profits where Dr Carson was asked to speak about military veterans and the work he did with the disabled and both times he spent the entire time talking about himself,” he also added.

The reason I will let you listen to in this audio clip:

What do you think about that reason?

Also remember with the disinvite of Donald Trump, there was a spot open, and Erickson decided to invite Fox News host Megyn Kelly instead of revisiting to invite presidential candidate, Carson. Share your thoughts in the comment section and share this on your twitter/Facebook wall for discussion.

H/T – CNN, Soundcloud

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