ALERT! Michigan residents being targeted by sniper between I-94 and I-69

ALERT! Michigan residents being targeted by sniper between I-94 and I-69

A possible highway sniper is making residents in Michigan fearful after several reports of cars being shot at while driving on the freeway have surfaced.

According to local media reports:

Police say one car was shot at, and several other cars possibly hit by a sniper lurking along I-94 between I-69 and Battle Creek.

Other possible hits happened on I-69 south to the Indiana border.

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Saxton tells 7 Action News, people in Metro Drive who have driven through that area from the end of July through last week may have also been hit and did not know it.

Obviously, police say you should not stop if you think your car was hit by gunfire, but keep driving until you get to a safe, public place and call 911.

The possible shooter brings back memories of the DC sniper case that resulted in 17 people being killed and 10 others injured. John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo were convicted in that case.

What do you think of this? How many of you remember the DC sniper and the terror they gave the DC/Virginia area?

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