DUPREE: Now MD State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby REFUSES to cooperate with homicide panel

DUPREE: Now MD State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby REFUSES to cooperate with homicide panel

State Attorney Marilyn Mosby‘s refusal to share information with the Homicide Review Commission (HRC) can only mean that the majority of the perpetrators and the victims in these homicides are all blacks, and what are the recommendations going to be to change the culture and the behavior in the black community? Her reluctance to give information on ongoing cases certainly wasn’t obvious when she chose to indict those six officers and spread it all over the media only eleven hours after she received the case from the Police Department.

Last year, Baltimore spent nearly $200,000 to launch the Homicide Review Commission which was meant to bring together elected officials, public health officials police leaders, academics, and others to find trends that leads to slayings and how best to respond.

This commission isn’t looking to pry into current open cases, they are compiling statistics, looking for patterns, etc. If for an example, a shooting took place numbers or letters could be used to identify victims, suspects, type of gun used, location, etc. The numbers are transposed on a map of the city and is used as a tool for law enforcement to increase or decrease patrols in certain areas. Mosby is simply dodging the responsibility that shows she is not working with the police and protecting the areas where crime is higher.

Daniel Webster, Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, told the The Baltimore Sun Mosby’s refusal to give information on ongoing cases “took the air out of the whole process.” Mosby tells The Sun that providing information could compromise investigations or jeopardize the safety of victims.


Dear Baltimore: you have a mayor with a room-temperature IQ who told rioters the police would “give them space” to do whatever they wanted. You have a publicity strumpet for a prosecutor who is obviously none too bright but is looking to parlay her 15 minutes of media fame into a lifetime political career.

You have parasites like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson feeding you manure about how it’s all other people’s fault that your city is an open sewer. These people rely on convincing you that you are victims of “others” to keep up their own income and status. Until you stop drinking their snake oil, expect more of the same.

What she’s hiding is that the high crime areas are in predominantly black areas. Same as the mayor is doing. Both do not want to face reality that certain areas of the city is like a zoo where the fences are down for the inhabitants to escape.

I’d say bring in the DOJ but that’s like putting out a fire with a high pressure gasoline hose.

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