Herman Cain just gave the liberal media a warning about Donald Trump, will they listen?

Herman Cain just gave the liberal media a warning about Donald Trump, will they listen?

Four years ago, a political underdog took the America by storm as he declared himself a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, his name was Herman Cain. Nobody really knew anything about him except for he had totally destroyed Bill Clinton during a townhall back in the early 90s.

Cain was able to reach the American people by tapping into their frustration which led him to the top of the tracking polls nationally.

Now, Cain sees himself in the current GOP front-runner Donald Trump. This year it is Trump, and Cain says it would be a mistake to count The Donald out.

“When I got attacked I had to make a choice, do I continue, first of all it’s a big distraction, trying to defend all of the false and negative accusations. It takes away from you trying to campaign unless you have deep pockets, which I did not have, it costs money to sustain a campaign and fight off those attacks at the same time, and to be honest with you I didn’t have the money to do that. I simply didn’t have the money to do that. That’s not his problem.”

Beyond the money, Cain says Trump is just better than he was at shaking off the attacks.

“When somebody has got to dig that deep to try to destroy you, I think that the American public has learned you shouldn’t give up on a candidate that quick because they dig up dirt, that’s what happened to me,” Cain said. “Now that they have seen how the media treated me, there are a lot of conservatives and I’ve heard them tell me this directly, they regret that I dropped out of the race. What they’re also saying is that they regret that they started to question my character because of those accusations.”

Cain, who now hosts a nationally syndicated radio show out of Atlanta called “The Herman Cain Show,” says he is not endorsing any candidate at this point. But he does not buy the conventional wisdom among political analysts that Trump is a short-timer in the race.

“The only people that think it’s out of the question (that Trump could win) are the people in the political establishment and people in quite frankly the liberal media,” he said.

“If Donald Trump gets the nomination, I would not be unhappy. If Donald Trump becomes president, I would not be unhappy,” Cain said.

What do you think about Herman Cain’s breakdown of Donald Trump? Do you think he’s on the mark? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and add this story to your twitter/facebook timeline for discussion.

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