When you see this state-to-state welfare payout, you’re going to be PISSED!

When you see this state-to-state welfare payout, you’re going to be PISSED!

I saw it growing up and thank God my mom didn’t totally fall prey to the government welfare-for-life program.

A lot of Americans do not have the means, but they will never know to push themselves unless they are pushed away from the table. Do you expect someone leave the dinner table if you keep feeding them free food? If they decide to leave the food table, it’s because they’ve had enough and have made the decision on their own to get up.

Some people are not that strong.

The government has made it so easier to live off their government dependency programs; it’s made America lazy and weak. Many people just don’t want to work knowing they will get benefits from the government to compensate.

Check your State and see how you’d do not working at all! No wonder there is no incentive for them to go back to work.


Now check out how Arizona is dealing with the welfare issue. Do you think it’s time?

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H/T – Joe For America

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