BEHNA: GREAT! Ted Cruz Wins FreedomWorks Straw Poll With 41%! #CruzCrew

BEHNA: GREAT! Ted Cruz Wins FreedomWorks Straw Poll With 41%! #CruzCrew

On September 12, FreedomWorks for America conducted a poll of voters at a summit in Orlando, Florida. Ted Cruz took a commanding victory with 41%, followed by Ben Carson (12%) and Donald Trump (8%).


Is it any wonder why Cruz won with such a big lead? I’m not surprised because I myself believe Ted Cruz is the most courageous and consistent conservative running in this race. Americans are fed up, and despite being a sitting U.S. Senator, many consider him an outsider like Carson, Fiorina, and Trump, because Ted listens to the people. He refuses to let big business and lobbyists dictate him in Washington, and that’s what makes a great, bold leader.

I’m all in for Ted Cruz and I hope you are too! Give us your feedback what you think. Share your comments below.

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