Republican ‘majority’ lost Iran resolution again?! Then you wonder why Donald Trump is ahead!

Republican ‘majority’ lost Iran resolution again?! Then you wonder why Donald Trump is ahead!

WASHINGTON (AP) — For the second time, Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a vote to move forward on a resolution rejecting the Iran nuclear deal, protecting President Barack Obama’s key foreign policy initiative.

The measure failed Tuesday to gain the 60 votes needed to advance — just as it did last Thursday. The vote was 56 to 42.

Though the measure is unlikely to advance, Republicans staged the Senate vote to make political points against Democrats and in future Senate races. They point to polls showing Americans have reservations about the deal.

Staged? So this is a political theater? What the hell is Republican majority if we can’t win a damn vote?

Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, John Thune, John Barrasso, Lamar Alexander

Can somebody, ANYBODY please explain to me just why we HAVE to agree to this treaty with a country that vows “Death” to us?

Is playing the “Fear Card” of possible war a strong enough argument to give Iran $150 billion dollars, let them control ANY possible inspections within their country, etc.? All I see on the news are Dems, one after one, saying that they will vote for the treaty, but no one ever says exactly why?

They always say the majority of Americans want this or that, who the hell are they referring to as the majority?

These fools are the minority who just lie and posture on everything.

Have we elected a bunch of idiots into Congress? Like it been said by many all options remain on the table. If Iran does go ahead with the bomb, we can still bomb taxpayer money into a no return never again land.

I think all of congress needs to have Psychiatric evaluations.

McConnell must step down as speaker of the Senate–he knew that by passing the Corker bill this would happen that Obama’s agreement with Iran would stand–I am a Republican and millions of Republicans feel this way! People in Kentucky, run someone against this RINO in the GOP primary when he runs for re-election to get him out of office!

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