Trump was booed at Values Voters for Rubio knock, I was there

Trump was booed at Values Voters for Rubio knock, I was there

One thing I have learned to be is unbiased when it comes to telling the TRUTH.

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump earned a round of boos when he attacked fellow Republican candidate Marco Rubio — calling him a “clown” — at an event Friday for conservative, faith-based voters.

How do I know? I was there in the media area and saw it first hand. Listen I like Trump, and I like the way he takes on the media because it’s something I would do if I were in his position. Republican voters have been asking their representatives to do the same thing for years, and he’s doing it, but the crowd didn’t like the personal attack. 

The audience had heard Rubio speak just two hours earlier and gave him several rounds of enthusiastic applause. They never booed Rubio or gave him thumbs down on the message he delivered.  Grant it, Rubio’s speech seemed lackluster as it was the same on-the-road campaign story.

When Trump began speaking, he had the crowd laughing, and they resonated with him as he started mentioning the familiar tone he usually does at events. But then he switched to Rubio and that’s when it went south for about a minute or so.

Watch the video:

After that was over, Trump was able to pick back up the crowd with a few one-liners that kept them laughing with him.

I understand those who want to say the crowd was booing Rubio, but that’s not what happened and I hope I have built up enough trust in people they know that I am speaking the truth.

There were a couple of other presidential candidates who spoke negatively about their counterparts but didn’t mention any names and didn’t get any boos.

If they had agreed with Trump, they would have cheered his insult but this was a different crowd. They also voted him into the last place for their 2015 straw poll, behind RUBIO! Sometimes you have to use common sense, and you can’t allow your candidate love to cloud the truth.

Trump does well when he’s speaking about the issues on Americans want to hear but in my humble opinion he has to start  moving away from the attacks on fellow candidates and focus more on maintaining and growing his lead if he wants to stay at the top.

What are your thoughts? Share them below in the comment section.

h/t – Guardian

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