Rand Paul says reports of his demise is greatly exaggerated

Rand Paul says reports of his demise is greatly exaggerated

GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul is tired of hearing about his campaign being toast! I will admit I have sprinkled dirt on his attempt to win the GOP nomination because the promise he jumped in the race with has significantly diminished.

Politico featured a piece a couple of weeks ago detailing how a Super PAC was pulling funding for Paul because he seems to have strayed from the libertarian principles and values.
Sen. Rand Paul
Now he’s turning more aggressive, with this staff memo released the other day:

“There are some in the media who are pushing a false narrative that Senator Rand Paul (SRP) is on the ropes…

“While the media fixates on ad buys and fundraising, we are the only campaign organizing on campuses.

“The media plays up any drop in the polls SRP experiences while ignoring his momentum and the precipitous decline of other candidates.”

Check out this video report:

h/t – Fox News

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