Scarborough: Marco Rubio flat-out lied about his finances last night

Scarborough: Marco Rubio flat-out lied about his finances last night

What’s crazy is when I heard the exchange between Becky Quick and Marco Rubio about his financials and he answered the way he did, I paused and thought there would be a follow-up but nothing happened.

This morning Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe tore into Rubio by calling him a liar for saying Quick’s accusations had been debunked.

“You’re a Florida guy, I’m a Florida guy,” Scarborough said to Chuck Todd. “I think it was Becky Quick who went down the list of proven things about Marco’s foreclosures and all of Marco’s economic problems. Talking about lying; Marco said ‘I’m not going to answer those lies they’ve all been discredited.’”

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Again I have to say I thought she would go deeper but then again I haven’t seen Rubio’s public records but watch Joe and Chuck and watch how the tone of this segment went:

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