Winners and Losers of 1st Democratic Debate – Our Winner: Jim Webb

Winners and Losers of 1st Democratic Debate – Our Winner: Jim Webb

The five Democratic Presidential Candidates have held their first debate, and I’ll take a stab at evaluating “Winners and Losers.” Obviously, I can be objectionable because I don’t really like any of the Democrats (with the possible exception of one – sort of). But that reality does allow a strange avenue for objectivity as you listen to their performances.


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1. Jim Webb – I’m calling him a winner because he was the only Democrat Tuesday night who really sounded like a rational human being. He really wasn’t a winner politically in the Democrat Party. Webb’s Party is now so far-Left it is scandalous. Webb is right on Iran, on China. He was the only Democrat willing to say “all lives matter” instead of only “Black lives matter.” Think of that – only one in five Democratic Presidential Candidates believes ALL American lives matter! Webb is a Democrat that Independents and even some Republicans could vote for. But most Democrats can’t vote for him because he is too sane. He deserves to be on the “winner” list because it took courage for him to say the things he said, knowing he has a prophetic voice in his far-Left Extremist Party.

2. Hillary Clinton – She was calm, strong and aggressive in her answers. She hammered Bernie Sanders on Guns, and Sanders did not have the balls to come back at her for her shameful Email disaster. Instead, he actually helped Hillary – immunized her in the Democratic Primary – by saying he didn’t care about the Email Scandal. None of the candidates had the guts to take her on for her National Security failure in allowing classified information to be on an unsecured private server. They helped to give Hillary a resounding debate victory.

3. Anderson Cooper – I have to say I was stunned at how well he did at moderating this debate! He asked very tough but very fair questions of everyone. It really was an example of how a debate should be moderated. I am shocked at how well he did.


1. Lincoln Chafee – Oh my! This poor man needs to get out of the race as soon as possible! He was just so bad. When pressed by Anderson Cooper about his vote to end Glass-Steagall constraints on Big Banks, Chafee actually said he took that vote because it was his first vote and his Dad had recently died. It was a cringe-worthy moment. Just about every time he opened his mouth was cringe-worthy!

2. Martin O’Malley – What a bizarre candidate. He comes across as some kind of a slick used car salesman – no offense to used car salesmen. He is going nowhere. You could tell he was trying too hard on numerous occasions. He’s a total nut on “Climate Change,” and mentioned it constantly. He pandered to the “Black Lives Matter” crowd. I just don’t like him – but I don’t like any of them other than Jim Webb!

3. Bernie Sanders – While Sanders sounded his usual Socialist themes, he failed to hurt Hillary Clinton and strengthen his hand. Instead, he was totally lost on Foreign Policy. It came out in questioning that Sanders was a “Conscientious Objector” during Vietnam – maybe not the greatest prep for being Commander-in-Chief. Sanders also said the United States should never take “unilateral” military action. It should always be done in concert with other nations. So, Sanders is willing to give away U.S. Sovereignty to protect this nation. It’s incredible that someone this radical is being taken seriously for President.

BOTTOM LINE – Barring an indictment for her Email Scandal or the Benghazi committee, this debate performance virtually ensures Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat Nominee in 2016. I think she is very vulnerable in a General Election, but she will be difficult to beat. Joe Biden has waited too long to get in. He needed to enter the race before last night and dominate this debate. His optimal moment has passed. The Hillary Clinton folks have to be ecstatic about what transpired, she didn’t hurt herself.

Who do you think won the debate last night? Share your comments below.

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