ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp backs Nunes as Intelligence Committee chairman

ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp backs Nunes as Intelligence Committee chairman

American Conservative Union (ACU) Chairman Matt Schlapp praised House Speaker Paul Ryan for requesting that Congressman (R-CA) continue to chair the House Intelligence Committee.

“Devin has been a strong and responsible voice on our recent foreign intelligence failures,” said Schlapp. “He understands that Americans should stand together on these issues, but that the Obama administration and former Sec. Hillary Clinton must first come clean and take responsibility for their missteps.”

Incoming House Speaker Paul Ryan said, “The world has gotten only more dangerous, and serious times call for serious leaders. That’s why I’ve asked Rep. Devin Nunes to stay on as chairman.”


Nunes said he it was important that work is completed on bills authorizing spending for intelligence agencies and cyber security.

“Our nation faces unprecedented global threats ranging from the growing risk of deadly terrorism to debilitating cyber-attacks, and the intelligence community’s response to these threats requires diligent congressional oversight,” Nunes said. “After careful reflection and in light of the speaker’s wish for me to continue this important role, I have decided to remain chairman.”

Ryan said Nunes had done a good job of holding the Obama administration accountable for intelligence failings.

Along with this position, Nunes also will remain a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.



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