Chicago residents want Rahm Emanuel to resign even after apologized!

Chicago residents want Rahm Emanuel to resign even after apologized!

Where’s Uncle Obama telling us that would have been his kid? Can’t go against the team players I guess.

Funny how a University president resigns over a racial slur (supposedly) uttered by some unknown person off campus toward a black, but the Godfather, Obama’s buddies and liberal icon of the left, covers up a terrible crime against a black boy by a white policeman, and it’s “I’m sorry.”

That’s liberal, racist justice.

If you liberals can’t kick his but out and put the criminal Hillary in jail nobody other than ideologues will ever pay attention to your worthless butts again.


Reuters reports:

In a special address to the City Council, the mayor said “I’m sorry” and promised “complete and total reform of the system.”

Emanuel’s speech was met with applause from the City Council, but protesters said the city’s actions do not go far enough. Hundreds of mostly young demonstrators filled downtown on Wednesday, temporarily shutting down some streets and chanting “no more killer cops” and “Rahm must go.”

“This system is designed for us to be dead or in jail and we’re tired,” said protester Jamal Wayne, 20.

Emanuel’s speech comes after two weeks of protests in Chicago following the release of a 2014 police squad car dashboard video showing police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times. Van Dyke, who is white, was charged with first-degree murder late last month.

Baltimore, Detroit, NYC, Ferguson, Chicago and so many other cities that are run top to bottom by progressives blame all their failure and corruption on other people. And these same protesters will probably never hear out the case made by a libertarian on why is there wasn’t an insane tax on cigarettes creating a black market you wouldn’t have had the death in the first place. Chicago is just more of the same, blame the cops but they are only the enforcement arm of the government. This should be Rahm’s Benghazi.

Check out how social media is following this story:

What are your thoughts and views? Should Emanuel step down or will Obama show up to save him from this predicament? 

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