Rand Paul: Bill Clinton’s infidelities wasn’t Hillary’s fault

Rand Paul: Bill Clinton’s infidelities wasn’t Hillary’s fault

I am sort of confused because Rand Paul was going after Hillary Clinton just a few months ago because of what Bill Clinton did while he was in office.

Last night GOP candidate Rand Paul said “I don’t think it’s Hillary’s fault that her husband had serial infidelities.”

He said the big issue here is the law and the argument that “what Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky, even though it was consensual, it would have caused him to be fired from any major corporation in the country.”

In my opinion and this is where I differ from Paul, Hillary is responsible for lying, viciously attacking, and smearing rape victims of her husband’s. She knew their allegations were true, and yet she still decided to wage a war against those poor women. In a respectful yet subtle way, she’s a monster too!

From CNN:


Do you think Paul just practiced a double-standard? Share your opinions with us below in our comment section.


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