With The New Year, Here’s The 5 Things I Want In 2016 From Congressional Republicans

With The New Year, Here’s The 5 Things I Want In 2016 From Congressional Republicans

As we approach the new year in 2016, here are at least 5 things I want from Republicans in Congress.

1) Have a backbone

We need moderate Republicans to be conservatives and stand up for the Constitution. Unfortunately, there are too many “RINOS” who pose as conservatives, yet cave into all of Obama’s demands, whether it’s climate change, gun control, or more out of control spending.

2) Keep your campaign promises

The 2010 and 2014 mid-term elections that had Republicans win by a landslide was in response to the Democrats agenda that the American people have had enough with. However, the people are also fed up with members of both parties who make campaign promises but break every one of them after the election. Unfortunately, there are Republicans out there who bash Ted Cruz more than Democrats, simply because Cruz is an example of someone who keeps his promises that he made while in the campaign.

3) Endorse a conservative for president

With members of both parties not stepping up in Congress, the people are losing faith in Congressional Republicans and want a Republican president, but not just any Republican. They want a conservative who stands for the Constitution, limited government, free markets, and someone who will fight for conservatism instead of caving into Democrats.

4) Stop these expensive omnibus bills

Once again, members of both parties passed another $1 Trillion spending bill recently that is not in the best interest for us Americans. This spending has been a result of decades of kicking the can down the road, and its about time we start bringing back balanced budgets and make the cuts that are necessary. The robbing of money from our kids and future generations must end now.

5) Go after Democrats, not the Tea Party

Unfortunately, we see a number of Republicans who seem to criticize Tea Party conservatives, constitutionalists, and libertarians more than they do with liberal Democrats. If these same politicians continue attacking the solution, which is conservatives, then things will never get better.

What do you want from Republicans in 2016? Comment below and please share on Facebook and Twitter.

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