Here’s 3 Reasons Why I Think @TedCruz Will Win The Iowa Caucus #CruzCrew

Here’s 3 Reasons Why I Think @TedCruz Will Win The Iowa Caucus #CruzCrew

With the Iowa Caucus only two days away, Donald Trump is the current front-runner, but here are three reasons why I believe Ted Cruz has a good chance of winning.

1.) Ted’s organization has been phenomenal, and many pundits believe he is running the best campaign so far. He is underway with this 99 county strategy, which is to visit every single county in Iowa before the voting begins on Monday. Rick Santorum had this type of strategy in 2012, and he went on to narrowly win the state against Romney. As a result, we also see Cruz’s poll numbers consistently rise without any sharp dips, contrary to Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson.

2.) Debates do matter, whether you believe they should or not. With millions of people watching on their television screens, a good performance does make a difference, and Ted Cruz is no stranger to amazing performances. He was a top debater in the country while in college, and although many argue Thursday’s debate wasn’t his best, I still believe it was well above average since he gave great answers on ethanol, Obamacare, and explaining that he is running as an outsider. He is bold, energetic, and the viewers never get bored when they hear Cruz talk.

3.) Although Cruz is currently polling 2nd in Iowa behind Trump, I believe Cruz’s organization is better, which is a key to getting voters out to vote come this Monday. The latest Des Moines Register poll had him at 23%, with Trump at 28%.

Don’t forget that Rick Santorum was not the front-runner going into Iowa in 2012, yet went on to win the state. It was his ground game and visiting every county that helped propel him, and I have hope that Cruz can do the same in 2016.

Realistically, I think Trump, Cruz, or Rubio will win Iowa, and they will also be the final 3 remaining in this election. I have hope Cruz will win, but even if he doesn’t, it is not over at all for him. As Rubio says, there is no single state that determines everything, and although the stats show the GOP nominee usually wins Iowa, New Hampshire, or both, I still believe Cruz has a chance to win the nomination regardless what happens in the first two states. This will continue to be a lengthy process and may take months from now before we get a hint of who will be the nominee.

Who do you think will win Iowa? Comment below and please share on Facebook and Twitter.

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