Ryan doesn’t trust Obama on gun executive action, while conservative twitter users don’t trust him!

Ryan doesn’t trust Obama on gun executive action, while conservative twitter users don’t trust him!

Why are federal gun violation prosecutions down under President Barack Obama if he is really interested in keeping guns from criminals? If the criminals were convicted most would not be able to legally buy a gun. With Obama it is not about gun control, it is about control.

I always wonder how they get to “targeting law-abiding citizens” from measures to curb gun violence. The mentality of a good guy with a gun is just a license to kill people. Killing a kid who rings your doorbell and runs? That will teach him.

Today, House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke out against possible Obama overreach with rumored executive action on gun control.

From USA Today:

While we don’t yet know the details of the plan, the president is at minimum subverting the legislative branch, and potentially overturning its will. His proposals to restrict gun rights were debated by the United States Senate, and they were rejected. No president should be able to reverse legislative failure by executive fiat, not even incrementally. The American people deserve a president who will respect their constitutional rights – all of them. This is a dangerous level of executive overreach, and the country will not stand for it.”

Despite his acknowledgment, that he doesn’t yet know what Mr. Obama plans to do, Ryan asserted that the expected executive actions wouldn’t have stopped some of the recent mass shootings.

“We all are pained by the recent atrocities in our country, but no change the president is reportedly considering would have prevented them,” Ryan said. “We have seen consistently that an underlying cause of these attacks has been mental illness, and we should look at ways to address this problem.”

But twitter isn’t friendly with Ryan after he gave Obama basically everything he wanted in the Omnibill a few weeks ago. Check out what they had to say:





No matter how you look at it, whatever actions, words Ryan gives as Speaker of the House do not carry weight with a lot of conservatives at this moment. How about you? What do you think about Ryan speaking out against Obama on this issue knowing he caved on $1.14T Omnibill?


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