Exclusive #CPAC2016 Interview with Matt Walsh

Exclusive #CPAC2016 Interview with Matt Walsh
Matt Walsh of The Blaze sat down with Alyssa Lafage at #CPAC2016 for an exclusive interview to talk about the pro-life movement

One of the most rewarding aspects of attending CPAC is having the opportunity to meet and talk with people whose work you admire. Matt Walsh is one of those people who I have been following for years now and finally had the honor of meeting this weekend.

If you aren’t familiar with Matt Walsh first of all, shame on you! Second, you should know that Matt is a fearless writer who has tackled some of the toughest issues that would make even the most ardent Christian, conservative, patriotic warriors cringe. He comes up against fierce opposition from people on both sides of the aisle and he never backs down from speaking the truth.

What I appreciate most about Matt’s work is that it’s deep. It’s not like what you read on the pages of mainstream editorial pages. Matt respects his audience and takes the time to not only educate them on broad ideas but to ensure his thoughts are detailed in such a way that his readers never have to question where he stands, even on the most nuanced aspects of issues.

Matt sat down with me to talk about the pro-life movement, faith, fatherhood and how we continue to make strides towards protecting life. We also got into a few other topics like how he deals with his critics, Donald Trump and his plans for continuing to make an impact in the future on the conservative movement.

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