#NoTeCalles – Women launch social media campaign against sexual assault in ….. Mexico!

#NoTeCalles – Women launch social media campaign against sexual assault in ….. Mexico!
When a woman says no, she means no. Isn't that what we were told when we were growing up.

This is something I didn’t know about but something I want to help get the word out about. According to this Facebook post,

“In Mexico, every day 1,643 women are sexually assaulted and seven are killed, however, most cases go unreported because the same authorities blame the victims.”

Sexual abuse is a crime, which is always the fault of the aggressor, no matter how women dress or behave, says Mexico’s Don’t Stay Silent campaign.

During this election season, we have been told about things that happen in Mexico and how some of it has filtered into the United States. We have liberals in high offices scoffing at the thought of any crime coming from beyond our border, yet we see or hear remnants of it if our media is forced to announce it on air. When a woman says no, she means no. Isn’t that what we were told when we were growing up.

Well, these women in Mexico are taking a stand, and they need you to help get the word out.

From Yahoo News:

A group of women in Mexico have launched a social media campaign encouraging people to speak out against sexual assault. They are rallying around the hashtag #NoTeCalles, or “Don’t Stay Silent.”

The video for the campaign features three women known for their involvement in highly publicized cases of sexual assault in Mexico City: feminist icon and activist turned politician Yakiri Rubio, who spent three months in jail for killing a rapist in self-defense; Gabriela Nava, a university student who was sexually assaulted on public transport by a university staff member; and American journalist Andrea Noel, who was attacked on the street by a man who reached under her skirt and pulled down her underwear.

The video says that there are 1,643 sexual assaults in Mexico every day. But even that number might be low, as “most cases go unreported,” the activists say in the video. Why? “Because the authorities blame the victims.”

Will you help share this information on social media? Help these women in Mexico grow a louder voice, so the entire world notices what’s going on.

What do you think about this subject and those statistics? Share your comments (below) and add this to your social media page whether it is Twitter or Facebook.

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