BEHNA: EPIC! Ted Cruz Calmly Educates Rude Trump Supporters In Fiery Exchange #CruzCrew

BEHNA: EPIC! Ted Cruz Calmly Educates Rude Trump Supporters In Fiery Exchange #CruzCrew

While Ted Cruz was campaigning in Indiana on Monday afternoon, he confronted several Trump supporters who were close by.

The exchange lasted nearly 10 minutes.

Several of them start shouting “do the math” when Cruz begins speaking. Of course, they’re referring to the fact that he can’t clinch the nomination before the national convention.

Not surprising, it is hard at times to hear him speak with the heckling in the background, but that did not deter Cruz from speaking the truth. Not only were they loud, but they were also rude.

Here was a small part of the exchange.

Cruz: Sir, America is a better country –

(Trump supporter interrupts)

Trump supporter: Without you

Cruz: And a question everyone here should ask-

(Trump supporter interrupts)

Trump supporter: Are you Canadian?

Cruz: Do you want your kids repeating the words of Donald Trump?

At this point, the Trump supporter falsely claims Cruz wants to carpet bomb the women and children of terrorists. But he admits he decided to add “women and children” in his accusation.

However, Cruz absolutely destroys his notion. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the exchange, simply because he takes that “women and children” argument, and uses Trump’s own words from the past to prove it is actually Trump that would support this policy.

Its interesting you added women and children because your candidate Donald Trump came out and said he would order our military to kill the women and children, the wives and children, of terrorists, which is a war crime. When he was asked in the debate ‘What about when soldiers don’t want to commit a war crime and murder women and children?’ he said ‘I will tell them to do it and they will obey me.’ I’ll tell you anyone who serves in the armed services, a president who thinks he’s going to order American soldiers to commit war crimes is a president who doesn’t respect the fighting men and women of this country.

Don’t forget it was Trump, not Cruz, who is the one who advocated targeting the family members of ISIS terrorists.

Below you can listen to the entire exchange.

You will notice that the whole time, Cruz is calm and collective, using facts, while these Trump supporters were rude and obnoxious. Cruz was even nice enough to address them because he could have easily decided not to have a dialogue in the first place.

Now Indiana has to decide on Tuesday if they want to vote for a lifelong constitutional conservative like Cruz or a flip-flopping leftist like Trump. This primary may very well determine whether or not Trump gets the nomination, so I hope they choose the constitutional conservative.

What do you think about this heated exchange? Comment below and let us know.

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