BEHNA: 3 Reasons Ted Cruz MUST NOT Endorse Donald Trump

BEHNA: 3 Reasons Ted Cruz MUST NOT Endorse Donald Trump

With Donald Trump being the likely GOP nominee, there are those who are endorsing him, and there are others who stand for conservative principles, refusing to support a candidate who has held leftist policies his entire life.

But with that said, some are now wanting to know whether former rival [score]Ted Cruz[/score] will endorse Trump. So far he has not, and I hope it stays that way. Because there are several reasons why Cruz must not ever endorse Trump.

1.) Donald Trump attacked Ted Cruz’s own father, claiming he was involved in the JFK assassination. It was an absolutely disgusting thing to say. He goes around, spreading false conspiracy theories, and then when criticized over it, claims he was taken out of context. Plus, why should Cruz endorse a guy who has continuously called him “Lyin’ Ted” for endless months? Trump is a thin-skinned individual who pouts when he doesn’t get his way on anything.

2.) Donald Trump is a leftist that supports a government takeover of healthcare, abusive eminent domain, a long history of supporting gun control, and still to this day defends Planned Parenthood. Anyone that claims to be conservative should never endorse these beliefs. Trump likes to claim he “evolved” on these issues, even going so far as to compare himself to Ronald Reagan. Except Reagan became conservative many years before he ran for president, whereas Trump to this day is still flip-flopping on almost every issue.

3.) Ted Cruz endorsing Donald Trump could possibly damage his future political prospects. If he wants to run again for president in 2020, his credibility of claiming to stand on principles would be questioned if he endorses someone who flips flops on many issues, as Trump has done. Even his re-election for Senate in 2018 could have a negative effect if he were to endorse him. Plus, it would diminish all the past criticisms Cruz has made about Trump. Since he said Trump is not a conservative, which is true, then what good would it be to endorse him? It would be like saying “This candidate has a long record of supporting leftist policies, but I’ll endorse him.”

I love Ted, and really wish he clinched the GOP nomination, but the next question he will have to ask himself is “what now?” His political future is not over, and he still has to think smart. I pray he stays strong and refuses to endorse or support Trump in any way.

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