Self-Proclaimed Republican, Liberal Acting George Will Bolts the GOP

Self-Proclaimed Republican, Liberal Acting George Will Bolts the GOP
He can start a new party called the "Globalists", there are a bunch of "former Republicans" that can join him.

Bye Felicia! He’s been a democrat for 20 years at least.

Poor George Will should question his intelligence as a commentator if he can’t even understand that is neo-conservatives like him that brought the GOP to this state. He has constantly pandered to Democrats. He is a moderate, not a libertarian, either. I’ve read countless op-eds from him. He is a joke.

He’s just sad nobody pays attention to him anymore. Trump is leading the party forward, and there will be consequences for anyone who does not fall in line!

He can start a new party called the “Globalists,” there are a bunch of “former Republicans” that can join him.

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From Politico:

Conservative columnist George Will has left the Republican Party.

The longtime commentator reportedly made the announcement during a Federalist Society event in Washington, D.C., on Friday.

Will, who resides in Maryland, said he changed his affiliation this month from Republican to unaffiliated.

A report from PJ Media quoted Will as saying: “This is not my party.”

He also said that it’s too late for the Republican Party to nominate someone who isn’t Donald Trump, an idea that those in the Never Trump movement have been holding on to as the convention nears.

“Make sure he loses,” he said. “Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House.”

Trump attacked the Washington Post columnist as a “major loser” last month, criticizing a column Will wrote, headlined “If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House.”

These are the same guys who told us that we were just throwing away our vote if we did that. Another example that politicians and the media believe that the rules they make for us don’t apply to them. Hypocrites the lot of them.

Well, I look forward not to see Will at the Republican National Convention then. Hooray for me!

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