BEHNA: THREE Reasons Ted Cruz MUST NOT Support Trump During GOP Convention Speech

BEHNA: THREE Reasons Ted Cruz MUST NOT Support Trump During GOP Convention Speech

In recent days, we have learned that [score]Ted Cruz[/score] accepted an invitation from non-other than Donald Trump to speak at the Republican National Convention next week.

While I may think it isn’t the smartest move to accept anything from Trump, there was no word that Cruz was going to make an endorsement. There are 3 reasons why he must never support or endorse Trump in any way, shape or form when he makes his speech.

1) Donald Trump is a leftist. If Cruz were to state his support for him, it would erase all the legitimate criticisms against Trump. If Cruz truly believes that Trump is a conman and deceiving people into thinking he’s a conservative, then it’s a no-brainer: don’t ever support Trump. Period. However, I’m not Ted Cruz, nor can I read everything in his mind. I pray that he continues to stand on those conservative principles.

2) Donald Trump spent months trashing Cruz. Why would Cruz ever want to endorse or support a candidate who always screamed “Lyin’ Ted”, and blamed his dad for being involved in the JFK assassination? Not only is Trump a leftist, but it is evident he lacks temperament when dealing with his opponents.

And this tweet was already debunked. The picture of Melania Trump came from a Super-Pac not associated with the Cruz campaign. But Trump doesn’t care because lying isn’t a big deal to him.

3) Ted Cruz endorsing or supporting Trump would do damage to his political future. Not only is Cruz running for re-election in the Senate for 2018, but there is always the possibility of running again for president in 2020. His political opponents for either of these races will simply claim Cruz can’t be trusted if he were to support Trump at the convention, after criticizing Trump for months. I do not think any damage will be done if Cruz were to be a part of the “Never Trump” crowd. I’ve heard many Cruz fans say they would lose trust in him if he were to endorse Trump, yet not nearly as many claiming they would lose trust if he were to oppose Trump. That is at least my view from reading comments on social media.

If I were Ted Cruz, I would have accepted an invitation to speak as long as it wasn’t coming from Trump. But at this point, we will have to wait and see what Cruz has to say next week.

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