BEHNA: WOW! Media Outlets Claim CLIMATE CHANGE Will Prevent Future Olympic Games

BEHNA: WOW! Media Outlets Claim CLIMATE CHANGE Will Prevent Future Olympic Games

With the 2016 Rio Olympics making their closing ceremony today, many media outlets have brought up the issue of “climate change”, claiming it will bring catastrophic consequences to future games.

Below are just a few of many more endless examples that have been written in the past week.

Archinect News: Climate change will make finding a host city for the 2088 Olympics incredibly difficult.

CNN: Will climate change stop the summer Olympics?

“Climate change could threaten the Olympic Games as we know them, according to a new study in The Lancet. Only eight cities outside of Western Europe would be viable places to host the Games by 2085, according to a model that the study’s authors devised.”

Washington Post: By 2085, most cities could be too hot for the Summer Olympics.

We can go on forever, but you probably get the idea. The video that went viral at the Opening Ceremonies on climate change can probably be attributed to these recent articles as well, but notice the key words being used in their titles: Could, will, and may. These are always used in the headlines because they’re always guessing on climate change, and turn out to be wrong most of the time.

In fact, it’s now been very well known that back in 2007, Al Gore predicted that by 2013, the North Pole would completely melt away. This was one of many claims that were way off from being accurate. It is one thing to want to conserve the environment, but its a completely different thing to fear monger and claim horrible results will happen if everyone isn’t 100% on board the climate change movement.

If the left really cared about the environment, they would praise efforts of conserving the environment through other means besides the federal government. However, they rarely do. In fact, their only solution to protecting the environment is growing the size of the EPA and the federal government. We see a pattern of intimidation talking points, and now it has gotten to the point where they think the Olympics games will cease to exist in the future. I beg to differ.

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