CBS Tried To Shut Down Pence From Exposing Clinton’s Wikileaks Problem!

CBS Tried To Shut Down Pence From Exposing Clinton’s Wikileaks Problem!
If Americans really want to make a change in America and I mean a real change, stop watching these stations

Of course, how dare Mike Pence challenge the media? The media has covered Hillary scandals with the same fervor as they have Donald Trump scandals, says no one except in the media.

It is amazing watching as the media circles their wagons in defense of their own paydays. Journalism is on life support, and unlikely to survive this election cycle.

Pence does an excellent job calling the media to task. They claim they will ask Hillary if she were there? That’s false! She has been feed softballs all along. When have you seen her take hard questioning from journalists other than Chris Wallace’s interview of her? Lying under oath, disregarding a subpoena from congress, DNC collusion against Bernie, pay for play, etc.

From Newsbusters:

During back-to-back hostile interviews on CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today on Friday, Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence attempted to force the networks to actually cover the controversy swirling around the Wikileaks release of thousands of Clinton campaign e-mails. However, every time he raised the topic, the morning show hosts promptly cut him off.

While being grilled about sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump during the appearance on This Morning, Pence pointed out the glaring media double standard in coverage of campaign controversies: “Donald Trump made it very clear yesterday, he has categorically denied these allegations and these kind of unsubstantiated claims being given so much focus in the media at the time we have hard evidence flowing out of the Clinton Foundation.”

He noted: “We had evidence this week, in fact, that while she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and her aides actually gave preferential treatment to friends of the Clintons for reconstruction contracts in Haiti.” Co-host Charlie Rose interrupted: “We would like to ask all of those questions….We would like to ask all of those questions of her, but – But we have Donald Trump’s running mate here this morning.”

Pence observed: “That receives very little attention and these unsubstantiated claims are dominating the news.”

Wonder what or how much the Clintons’ are paying the media to kiss up to them. They sure put Trump & Pence down all the time, but say much about Hillary. If they are trying to make her look like a goodie two shoes, they are failing horribly.

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I feel like I’m living in some dystopian nightmare. The media run by corporations in collusion with government, schools teach intolerance of opposing view and dictate “acceptable” words. They absolutely REFUSE to cover the wiki leaks because they show her corruption, now dare tell me they’d fair biased news. We are definitely becoming a Communist company.

Do any of these stations not realize only reason they are in business is due to the viewers. If Americans really want to make a change in America and I mean a real change, stop watching these stations, stop buying NY Post, Washington Post, Times, etc. The liberal media thinks we the people are ignorant and nothing will keep them off the air. But, no advertisers equals no stations. Don’t let the liberals take over our country if in fact you love it.

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