Sheriff Clarke: I Am Skeptical Of These Polls Whether Trump Is Down Or Up

Sheriff Clarke: I Am Skeptical Of These Polls Whether Trump Is Down Or Up
The idea I believe, is to keep the polls close, then say Hillary squeaked out a win. They know Trump has a commanding lead

The polls are clearly being manipulated by the liberals in an attempt to get Trump voters discouraged from voting. We can’t allow that to happen.

Hillary Clinton represents the worst of us, not the best. The first female president of this country should be an exceptional woman, not a liar or a greedy elitist, not controversial or divisive. She should espouse the virtues of all of us, the fact that we are so divided about her should speak volumes. When the right woman runs for president, we will be united.

The idea I believe, is to keep the polls close, then say Hillary squeaked out a win. They know Trump has a commanding lead, so in order to account for his massive support they have to give him some credit and her some resistance to make things seem legit. In reality, I suspect Trump polls at 50-60% and Clinton 20-30%. They hope no one will notice the 20% discrepancy if they pretend the race is tight.

From Fox News:

For example, the Real Clear Politics average shows Clinton with a six-point lead on Trump, while Nate Silver’s forecast gives Hillary Clinton an 84-87 percent chance of victory.

But Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said today that he has been very skeptical of the polls throughout the campaign.

“I don’t know the methodology. And I said that as well when he had that surge a couple months ago and he was leading,” he explained.

Clarke and the Outnumbered co-hosts also discussed Trump’s refusal to commit to accepting the election results while claiming the system is “rigged” against him.

He wondered whether Trump’s rhetoric might be a strategy to move the media discussion away from the sexual misconduct allegations by numerous women.

Julie Roginsky countered that questioning the legitimacy of an American election will not help him in the polls either.

“To me, that’s jumping from the frying pan into the fire. He’s not pivoting to issues people care about,” she argued.

Clarke said Trump has appealed to voters by being an “unorthodox” candidate and should not start acting like a typical politician now.

I agree with Clarke, I believe he will win by a significant margin. He’ll have the NRA members behind him, most of the VA, much of the military, ICE/border patrol, evangelical support (which Romney didn’t have), and many people who haven’t either voted before or haven’t voted in years. We will see but I think it will be Trump winning and winning big.

These political “strategists” (whatever that is) and pundits keep trying to define what is happening and how Trump should behave according to their standards. They don’t get him or the people voting for him!

Truman and Reagan were both behind in the polls leading up to election as well.

Polls are conducted by people, people can be biased. Some polls have been polling people unevenly, meaning the group selected would be like 60 percent registered democrats and 40 percent registered republican. CNN did a poll where 58 percent of respondents stated they were voting for Hillary, is it any wonder why 57 percent in that poll said she won the second debate?

Polls don’t vote, you do! We need you on the ground on election day and grab your friends to make a difference.

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