Susan Sarandon: Former Friend Hillary Clinton Is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump!

Susan Sarandon: Former Friend Hillary Clinton Is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump!

Actress Susan Sarandon says her former friend Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted. Of course, Susan is right about Hillary! She cites published facts to back it up. All Hillary has is “spin” and lying, at which she excels.

I know where Sarandon is going with her thinking but coming out against Hillary in liberal Hollywood is usually an actor’s career death sentence for a conservative but in her case, her voice carries weight, and it could sway voters.

Anybody voting for Clinton needs to have their head examined. Viewing problems from a liberal perspective has resulted in the creation of more problems, more entitlement programs, more victims, more government, more political correctness, and more attacks on the working class in all economic strata.

You may not like Donald Trump, but I suspect that the reason people do not like him is because: (1) he is antithetical to the “good old boy” method of brokering backroom deals that fatten the coffers of politicians; (2) they are unaccustomed to hearing a candidate speak who is unencumbered by the financial shackles of those who own them vis-a`-vis donations; (3) he is someone who is free of idiomatic political ideology, and (4) he is someone who understands that it takes more than hollow promises and political correctness to make America great again.

We have had Democrats and Republican ideologues and what has it brought us? Are we better off today or worse off? Has it happened overnight or has it been a steady decline brought on by both parties?

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I submit that a pragmatist is just what America needs right now. And as I said earlier, a pragmatist sees a problem and understands that the solution to fix same is not about a party, but a willingness and boldness to get it done.

People are quick to confuse and despise confidence as arrogance, but that is often just the reaction from those who have never accomplished anything in their lives despite having an opportunity and ability and people who have always played it safe not willing to risk failure.

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