Homeless Woman Attacked Guarding Trump’s Hollywood Star FOUND!

Homeless Woman Attacked Guarding Trump’s Hollywood Star FOUND!
Michael Cohen, Trump campaign advisor wanted to find her and set things in motion.

Many of you have been outspoken about what happened to a black homeless woman who was attacked by Californians when she was guarding the Donald Trump Hollywood star that was destroyed on a few hours earlier.

Here is a photo of when she laid on the ground after being pushed around by the crowd.


When the video was uploaded to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, California contacts set out to find the woman. Michael Cohen, Trump campaign advisor wanted to find her and set things in motion.


From Homeless Woman Guarding Trump Star GoFundme Page:

FOUND! Denise Scott has been located and is safe in Los Angeles with Christopher Mack, a man who runs an outreach program for the homeless on Skid row. View images of Denise and Christopher below. Denise is safe and healthy and is VERY excited about all the tremendous support!

Additionally, Brunell Donald-Kyei, Vice Chair of Diversity Counsel for Donald Trump has been informed and is working to ensure Donald Trump and Michael Cohen are updated tonight.

I can’t continue writing without first recognizing one of America’s finest couples, Eric and Vickie Weaver, who have worked tirelessly to locate Denise all the way from Alaska! “We just couldn’t sleep, knowing that she was out there, we were so worried about her” said Eric. After days of internet research and phone calls, they found Christopher Mack, who was reportedly sitting with Denise at that very moment!

As a special thanks to Eric and Vickie Weaver, check them out on Twitter and give them a shout-out at: https://twitter.com/JackTalkinSmack

This looks to have turned out to be a great ending to a terrible beginning. Thanks Jack!

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