BEHNA: Desperate Liberal Media Bashes Donald Trump’s EPA Pick Scott Pruitt

BEHNA: Desperate Liberal Media Bashes Donald Trump’s EPA Pick Scott Pruitt

Because the left is still complaining over the election results to this day, they continue to waste no time trying to destroy every single nominee of President-Elect Donald Trump.

Most notably, this has been seen with Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who Trump has tapped as the new secretary for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

One of the reasons the left is upset over this pick is because Pruitt happens to be an individual who dares go against the liberal policy on climate change.

Check out some of these headlines being spewed by the leftist media ever since Pruitt was chosen:

The Daily Beast: Scott Pruitt, Trump’s climate-denying EPA, is worse than you think

Like Betsy Devos, who wants to destroy public education, and Jeff Sessions, who wants to destroy the Voting Rights Act, Pruitt is against the very laws he will soon be in charge of enforcing.

The Guardian: EPA fears ‘Unprecedented Disaster’ for environment over Scott Pruitt pick.

Senate Democrats vow to fight Trump’s nominee to lead the EPA, a climate denier who has sued the agency multiple times as attorney general of Oklahoma.

Got to love how liberals always call someone a “denier” for having a different opinion on environmental policy.

The Denver Post: Scott Pruitt is too extreme for EPA post.

Instead, it looks like Trump truly does wish to dismantle the EPA. His pick of Scott Pruitt to lead it strikes us as unnecessarily reckless, and we urge the Senate to deny confirmation and demand a better way forward.

Salon: Donald Trump picked Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt, a climate denier, to run the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt strongly opposed the Clean Power Plan and had fossil fuels lobbyists ghostwrite letters to the EPA.

Los Angeles Times: Trump’s pick of Pruitt to run the EPA spells disaster for the environment.

Pruitt, who has described the science on climate change as “unsettled” (it’s not), has sued the EPA challenging its authority to regulate under the Clean Water Act, and over President Obama’s Clean Power Plan to reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants, among other issues.

Actually, Los Angeles Times, yes. Yes, the science is still unsettled. There is no 97% “consensus” on man-made climate change.

And let’s not forget about the good old New York Times.

New York Times: Trump picks Scott Pruitt, climate change denialist, to lead E.P.A.

I’m sure you get the idea by now. These are just some of the endless headlines and articles written on Pruitt. There may be a new EPA secretary coming to town, but the dirty tactics by the left to try to destroy every Trump nominee is not something so new.


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