Mike Rowe: America Is Being Divided Between Optimism And Pessimism

Mike Rowe: America Is Being Divided Between Optimism And Pessimism
Rowe explains our kids today aren't being trained to work out the issue of not obtaining their dream job and what comes after.

Mike Rowe, star of Dirty Jobs, is a patriotic American who still haven’t lost focus of the American Dream but he wants everyone to know that it’s a dream and must work on to achieve.

Most kids feel they need to have their dream job or it’s nothing, and that’s not how the world works. Some will obtain their dream job through working hard at it with many failures, but that’s the trick to making it work.

Rowe explains our kids today aren’t being trained to work out the issue of not obtaining their dream job and what comes after.

From Fox News:

Television host Mike Rowe reacted to a new survey that showed about half of Americans in their 30s are earning more than their parents did at a similar age, while in the 1970s that number was 92 percent.

Noting the ups and downs in the economy over the past century– the Great Depression contrasted with the postwar ‘boom’– Rowe said that it may not be reasonable to assume every generation will out-earn the last one.

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He said the country is divided, but not in ways typically discussed:

“We’re being divided between optimism and pessimism,” Rowe said.

He pointed to the example of a contestant on “American Idol” who may have been told for the first time that he or she could not sing– not from their peers, but from someone like Simon Cowell.

Rowe said the so-called American dream of living a successful life like one’s parents could possibly be attained if the person looked at all fields of opportunity.

“Maybe your dreams would be better served over here,” Rowe said, alluding to blue-collar trades in which he declared there are about 5.8 million job openings.

Mike Rowe: America Is Being Divided Between… by dgraphics2009

Maybe that’s because more of them are willing to live on handouts and aren’t motivated or willing to work as their parents did at the same age?

Everybody wants to go to college get a sit-down desk job starting at the top no less, no one wants to get their hands dirty in trade jobs, so call a plumber or electrician and find out how much more they make because of no competition.

At my peak, I think I made more money than both my parents combined. I refused ever to work for a union and never went to college. In short, reality was that I never settle for less. I spent time in the military and then used my training to work hard and never stop achieving.

America, we have to do better!

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