Mom Beat Two Sons Who Opened Christmas Presents Early

Mom Beat Two Sons Who Opened Christmas Presents Early
There are things to this story that we don't know so we can't speak on that but we can speak on the mother beating her kids for opening up Christmas presents days before the big day.

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I have received my share of discipline when I was growing up in my parents always told me that they were doing it because they love me. In this case, I think mom has a problem.

There are things to this story that we don’t know so we can’t speak on that but we can speak on the mother beating her kids for opening up Christmas presents days before the big day.

It sounded like the mom have been going through some things personally but to take it out on the kids is unforgivable.


An Indiana mother is facing charges after police say she beat her two young sons after they opened their Christmas gifts early.

Sascha Collins, 36, is charged with two counts of battery. The 7 and 9-year-old brothers told detectives they were punished because they found Christmas presents hidden in their mom’s closet and they opened them.

“So they’re all excited about gifts, they’re want to go through and open things. My 16-year-old is still trying to do that,” said Buffy Lutz, a neighbor.

On Sunday morning, the boys’ teenage sister came home to her brothers crying and saw markings on their bodies. She’s the one that went to an adult for help.

The older sister told detectives her mother was storming around the house saying she was blessed with the worst kids ever and they were so ungrateful.

According to court documents, the sister claims the night before the incident her mother had been drinking and snorted a hydrocodone pill.

“When mother came to and came alert it was apparent that not only the children had been into the gifts and maybe they had opened some of the gifts. They had done what children do on Christmas morning; perhaps things may have been a bit messy,” said Eaton.

When investigators talked to the brothers, one said after being hit, he went to his room, hid in a corner and then he gathered all the presents and put them back in the box.

When investigators questioned Collins she admitted, “there is no excuse for it.”

Court documents say she told investigators she loves her children, does everything she can for them, but they are disrespectful, out of control, and that she just lost it.

If convicted, Collins could face up to 12 years behind bars.

Here are some Facebook responses:

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Let’s not forget the holidays are very stressful for everybody. A lot of relationships don’t survive the festive season but that doesn’t give this mom the green light to abuse her kids. Hopefully, she gets the help she needs, right now I don’t think those kids should be around her or in that environment.

I say we pray for the family and hope that their new year turns out a whole lot better than their Christmas.

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