NY Times Calls Out Obama For Setting Up Policy Roadblocks Against Trump

NY Times Calls Out Obama For Setting Up Policy Roadblocks Against Trump
Pretty amazing, when you think about it. It's a testament to the magical thinking of Democrats, that they honestly believed

Over the past couple weeks, Barack Obama has been working hard at laying the foundation for Donald Trump’s administration to fail.

We all see it as plain as day and so does the world. I am almost 100 percent positive the world knows how small a man Obama is by going after Israel and Russia in his final days.

Remember when Obama said he wanted to ensure a smooth transition, and now he’s doing the opposite. This is not anything new by the outgoing feckless liberal. He’s been doing this the entire eight years he was in office to the Republican party and American Christians.

Even the NY Times wrote an article about it today giving a few suspect decisions the media generated king has done.


From NY Times:

With less than three weeks before the Obama White House is history, making way for a new administration with radically different priorities, the president is using every power at his disposal to cement his legacy and establish his priorities as the law of the land.

He has banned oil drilling off the Atlantic coast, established new environmental monuments, protected funding for Planned Parenthood clinics, ordered the transfer of detainees from Guantánamo Bay, criticized Israeli settlements and punished Russia for interfering in the recent elections through cyber attacks.

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The next president may be able to roll back some, or even most, of those actions, a point that Mr. Obama’s top aides concede. But every step the current president takes requires Mr. Trump to overcome one more legislative or procedural hurdle as he seeks to change direction in Washington.

Mr. Obama is continuing to fill the ranks of the government with his appointees; since Election Day, he has named 103 people to senior Civil Service jobs, boards, key commissions and oversight panels, including the National Council on Disability, the Amtrak board of directors, the Holocaust Memorial Council and the boards of visitors at military academies.

He is also pushing ahead with his goal of freeing nonviolent drug offenders from federal prisons. In the last few weeks, he has commuted the sentences of 232 federal inmates and pardoned 78 others. And on Wednesday, he will meet with Democratic lawmakers to discuss ways to protect the Affordable Care Act from efforts by Mr. Trump and Republicans to dismantle it.

To many conservatives, Mr. Obama is acting out of spite as much as conviction. “He’s doing all this stuff as his legacy,” said Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, comparing Mr. Obama to a petulant god in a Wagner opera. “If he goes through three more weeks of this stuff, who is the country going to think is the extremist? Trump or Obama?”

Pretty amazing, when you think about it. It’s a testament to the magical thinking of Democrats, that they honestly believed they could hold the White House for a third term, after such a divisive and disastrous eight years.

Even under the best of circumstances, it’s damn near impossible for either party to successfully defy the natural eight-year pendulum swing of that office.

I know a lot of liberals who won’t see Obama for who has has been the entire eight years he sat in the oval office but hopefully one day, they will come to their common senses and understand when we called out the boy king, we were doing it to wake them up and fight back. This had nothing to do with skin color.

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