Obama’s Last Year In Office; Hometown Chicago Just Reached 700 Homicides

Obama’s Last Year In Office; Hometown Chicago Just Reached 700 Homicides
Chicagoans need to vote in entirely different people in all political offices. The ones they have aren't making a difference.

Before you go forward, please remember, Chicago is a “Sanctuary City.”

Liberals place blame everywhere they can except for themselves! Their arrogance and moral superiority are demonstrated by not only the murders but the overall crime rate. Chicago is a cesspool because it’s a sanctuary city and the worst of the worst live there. The funny thing is all the Democrats who live in Chicago will blame everyone and everything else for the problems except themselves!

There is no excuse for the Obama administration to get out of responding to this, dealing with it, or sweeping it under the table. He says he hails from this city but will never address this major issue.


From Chicago Tribune:

The 700 mark was reached about 6:20 a.m. Wednesday when a 25-year-old man was shot in the abdomen and back as he drove, crashing into a bus shelter in the 9300 block of South Cottage Grove Avenue on the South Side, said Frank Giancamilli, a police spokesman.

Then at about 8 p.m., a 22-year-old man was found shot and killed as he walked in a gangway near 68th Street and Cornell Avenue in the South Shore neighborhood, he said.

The year got off to a violent start with 50 homicides in January and rarely let up even after the end of the summer — the peak season for shootings.

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The 701 homicides through Wednesday marked a nearly 56 percent jump from the 450 killings a year earlier. With one month still to go, that represents the most homicides since 704 in 1998. There were 761 homicides in 1997.

Through Wednesday, nearly 4,050 people have been shot, a 50 percent jump from 2,699 victims a year earlier, according to the department statistics. Shooting incidents rose by comparable figures, to 3,315, up 49 percent from 2,224 a year earlier.

The Police Department statistics do not include about an additional 20 killings on area expressways, as well as police-involved shootings, justifiable homicides or death investigations that could later be reclassified as homicides.

One would have to assume that any good leader of the free world would do everything in his power to keep the citizens of his hometown safe, not Obama.

Rahm Emanuel wants to blame “gun violence, ” but their liberal policies push lawlessness by giving those who do not respect the law the avenue to commit crimes and murder and then excusing them, blaming it on them being products of their environment.

What a shame to live in such a lawless city. Some think Chicago was a fantastic place before the Emanuel allowed it to be destroyed by lawlessness and as an illegal sanctuary city, I’ve always known it to be a problem. Politicians like him are doing their best to destroy the country, and that’s why Americans voted for a non-politician who’s finger is on the pulse for bringing us together again.

Chicagoans need to vote in entirely different people in all political offices. The ones they have aren’t making a difference.

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