Trump Tabs Conway As Counselor To The President—Huge Winning!

Trump Tabs Conway As Counselor To The President—Huge Winning!
Everyone was concerned that Hillary Clinton was talking about breaking "the glass ceiling," Kellyanne actually did it.

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President-elect Trump hired the best when he hired Kellyanne Conway. She deserves credit for being the first woman campaign manager to lead a winning presidential campaign in the United States. Everyone was concerned that Hillary Clinton was talking about breaking “the glass ceiling,” Kellyanne did it.

Now she is about to take a huge role in the Trump Administration

From WTOP:

President-elect Donald Trump has appointed Kellyanne Conway as counselor to the president, making her the highest-ranking woman in his White House.

Conway was Trump’s campaign manager for the final months of the 2016 campaign.

“Kellyanne Conway has been a trusted advisor and strategist who played a crucial role in my victory,” President-elect Trump said in a statement. “She is a tireless and tenacious advocate of my agenda and has amazing insights on how to effectively communicate our message. I am pleased that she will be part of my senior team in the West Wing.”

In the same statement, Conway called the job “an amazing opportunity,” and added, “I am humbled and honored to play a role in helping transform the movement he has led into a real agenda of action and results.”

Conway is the first woman to be the manager of a winning presidential campaign. She worked for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz earlier in the campaign cycle, chairing a pro-Cruz political action committee.

I think she’s perfect for the job! She’s capable of making his views and plans translate to the people more eloquently than he is. It’s a wise man that is aware of his strengths and shortcomings.

Conway is very composed, which means she is a great thinker and does not play off her emotions, one thing many of us are tired of in Washington politicians! She’s well informed and completes job responsibilities without showboating. She’s obviously a super choice!

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