BEHNA: FLIP FLOP! In 2015 Chuck Schumer Said Syrian Refugee Pause “May Be Necessary”

BEHNA: FLIP FLOP! In 2015 Chuck Schumer Said Syrian Refugee Pause “May Be Necessary”
Chuck Schumer said in 2015 that halting Syrian refugees "may be necessary."

Of course now liberal U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer is condemning the pause to any refugees in President Trump’s current executive order. However back in 2015, under President Obama’s administration, flip flopping Schumer actually said that a refugee pause “may be necessary.”

It was in response to the “resettlement of Syrian refugees in the U.S.” as The Hill mentions.

They report the following from 2015.

Republicans immediately seized on Schumer’s comment, which breaks with other Democrats who have argued against halting the program.

Schumer, however, declined to take the option off the table ahead of a special briefing scheduled for Wednesday afternoon on the process that is now used to vet refugees entering the United States.

“We’re waiting for the briefing tomorrow, a pause may be necessary. We’re going to look at it,” he said.

But now Schumer is playing games. He is now using his opposition to the refugee pause under this executive order as an excuse to intentionally attempt delaying other cabinet picks from Trump that have yet to be heard and confirmed.

This is more proof that Schumer is a hack that plays his flip flopping games between two different administrations he has worked in.

What do you think about Schumer flip flopping? Comment below to let us know.

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