BEHNA: Racist Al Sharpton Claims AG Nominee Jeff Sessions Will Suppress Votes

BEHNA: Racist Al Sharpton Claims AG Nominee Jeff Sessions Will Suppress Votes
Al Sharpton once again spews false lies of Jeff Sessions wanting voter suppression.

On the eve of Martin Luther King Day, Reverend Al Sharpton led a march in Washington on Sunday.

He explained part of the reason for his marching.

I want Trump to see that we are not fair weather activists. We march in the rain, in the ice, in the cold. We are not Trump Tower folk, we are down in the ground activists. And if you got any doubt about it, watch these activists march today. I’m so mad at Sessions, I put on my hat and covered up my hair, and I ain’t covered my hair in a long time.

But he then doubles down on Attorney General nominee [score]Jeff Sessions[/score] when it comes to voting.

You cannot be the head of the Justice Department and protect voters when you advocate suppressing the vote, and blocking the vote.

This is yet another lie once again. The left always cries “voter suppression” when Sessions simply believes you should show an ID to vote. It is common sense. If you need to show an ID for almost every other aspect of our lives, then using it at the voting booth shouldn’t be any different.

Keep in mind Sharpton is the same racist who is silent on the black on black crime taking place in Chicago, in which nearly 800 murders took place last year. But apparently, he thinks it’s more important to spread more of his false lies of “voter suppression.”

These individuals have no shame and will try to do anything to stop Sessions, but fortunately, in the end, I believe he will still get the 51 votes needed for confirmation and will bring back justice to the DOJ.

What do you think about Sharpton’s latest comments on Jeff Sessions? Comment below and let us know.

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