Military Times Poll: Over Half Our Forces Have Unfavorable View Of Obama!

Military Times Poll: Over Half Our Forces Have Unfavorable View Of Obama!
There’s no question this era will go down as the third ‘hollow’ army, and it’s the president’s fault

Barack Obama’s title is Commander-In-Chief, but during his eight years, he was less than stellar as the leader of our forces.

Instead of leading, he tried to change them into something they were not ready for. Obama decided to turn one of the strongest military powers in this world, into a social experiment. His latest batch of goodies is allowing military members to get sex changes and the U.S. government to pay for it.

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That alone is another to piss anyone off who is serving now or who has served in the past. Our military was not allowed to do their jobs and for that, they have a scathing view of Obama and nobody should ever look past these numbers.

From Washington Times:

A poll conducted by Military Times and Syracuse University on the 44th U.S. commander in chief offers a mixed bag of feedback. Military personnel gave the president positive marks for his use of drones to take out national security threats (60 percent), while panning his handling of Iraq (59 percent said Mr. Obama’s execution of the draw down made America less safe). Female and minority personnel solidly support the president (60 percent and 57 percent respectively), while the Marine Corps as a whole did not (60.3 percent).

There’s no question this era will go down as the third ‘hollow’ army, and it’s the president’s fault,” James Jay Carafano, deputy director of international studies at The Heritage Foundation, toldMilitary Times on Sunday. “For all his promises, the operations tempo hasn’t gone down as much as he hoped, and he has invested little in the military.”

Some numbers lending credence to the conservative analyst’s claims include:
  • 51.5 percent have a “somewhat” or “very” unfavorable view of Mr. Obama
  • 52.1 percent of enlisted personnel have an unfavorable view of Mr. Obama.
  • 48.8 percent of officers have an unfavorable view of Mr. Obama.
  • 71 percent said the military needs more personnel.
  • 54 percent said Mr. Obama’s draw down of troops in Afghanistan have made the U.S. less safe.
  • 66 percent said spending caps enacted in 2011 have hurt morale.

Mr. Obama’s successor, President-elect Donald Trump, will enter office on Jan. 20 with 37 percent of troops having an unfavorable view of him.

He was a bad president and I am not saying that lightly. He hurt our economy, people dropped out of the workforce and Obama definitely hurt our military. I have nothing good to say about him except for I am glad he’s leaving.

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