Over 90 Percent Of Officers Polled Fear For Their Safety

Over 90 Percent Of Officers Polled Fear For Their Safety
All of us have seen it hatred toward cops grow over the last 3-4 years and now it's showing it's ugly head. Support your local law enforcement

Police officers across the nation are feeling the ill-affects of the Barack Obama administration it should have never come to this.

Law enforcement over the nation has polled at a whopping 93 percent of fearing for their safety. The jobs of our peace officers are to protect and serve and Obama’s policies have turned that around and weakened this force.

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President-elect Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions will hope to restore the pride back in America, and it’s law enforcement when he sits in the oval office next week. It’s time to right this ship that the liberals have tried to capsize.

From Daily Caller:

A Pew Research poll released Wednesday surveyed 8,000 male and female officers across the country to get their opinions on policing, the recent protests against officers and their thoughts on using force against civilians.

Eighty-six percent of officers surveyed said the recent high-profile encounters between police and black people have made their jobs more difficult. Only 12 percent believed the encounters did not make a difference.

In light of these encounters, 93 percent of officers are also more fearful for their safety while on the job.

Seventy-six percent of officers said they were more unwilling to use force when necessary, while 72 percent are less willing to stop and question someone who seems suspicious.

Officers also gave their thoughts on the protests surrounding fatal police shootings. Sixty-eight percent of cops believe the protests are due to an anti-police bias. Only 10 percent think that the protesters want police to be responsible for their actions.

When it comes to the job, some of the officers expressed frustrations with being a cop. Fifty-one percent said being a cop vexed them, while 56 said they had become more callous because of the job. About 66 percent of officers described being verbally abused while on the job by a citizen.

All of us have seen hatred toward cops grow over the last 3-4 years and now it’s showing it’s ugly head. Support your local law enforcement and let them know they are needed. We as citizens also have to restore a sense of law and order if we want to bring back America.

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