Federal Attorneys: Democrat Rep Corrine Brown “Knew Exactly How To Lie To Donors”

Federal Attorneys: Democrat Rep Corrine Brown “Knew Exactly How To Lie To Donors”

Rep. Corrine Brown was indicted on 24 counts of fraud and federal offenses and things don’t look good.

Brown took monies from a poor children charities to live the Hollywood lifestyle or shall I say as her white liberal counterparts in the House Of Representatives. I am not making this about racism but Congressional Black Caucus members have been trying to follow in the steps of their criminal white counterparts in Congress thinking they can get away with the same law-breaking acts but it’s just not so.

Florida Attorneys are claiming Brown knew what to say to fleece donors for money to continue living the luxury life. She was also a Clinton Superdelegate during the election.

Source: Daily Caller

Prosecutors in Florida say a former congresswoman took money from a charitable foundation for poor children and instead used it to pay for concert tickets and Beverly Hills shopping sprees.

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Federal attorneys on Wednesday opened their case in the trial of Corrine Brown, who from 2013 to 2017 was the Democratic representative from Florida’s 5th congressional district. Brown stands accused of multiple fraud and conspiracy charges for allegedly funneling contributions from the scholarship charity she started, One Door for Education, to her personal bank accounts.

Between 2012 and 2016, Brown and two close associates raised more than $800,000, much of which they transferred to their personal accounts, prosecutors say. The trio allegedly spent the money on vacations, luxury goods and tickets to a Beyonce concert, among other expenses.

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“She knew exactly how to lie to these donors, and knew exactly where the cash money was going,” Assistant U.S. Attorney A. Tysen Duva said in his opening statement.


I, for one, am happy to see her get what’s coming to her. Corrine Brown has constantly lied on Republicans and misrepresented our values and hard work to middle-class Americans and this is basically karma.

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