New Airstrikes Hit Syrian City of Khan Sheikhoun

New Airstrikes Hit Syrian City of Khan Sheikhoun

Reports are swirling new airstrikes have attacked the city of Khan Sheikhoun, a Syrian City that experienced “chemical attacks” earlier in the week.

CNN is reporting along with regional activist groups the city was hit by air strikes and civilians were killed. As of right now, reports of who are leading the strikes is muddled.


New air strikes in the Syrian city of Khan Sheikhoun, which suffered chemical attacks on Tuesday, have been carried out, according to “regional activist” groups in the country. Initially, the activist group were not confirming who has carried out the air strikes, with a Russian frigate carrying cruise missiles recently stationed in the area in the wake of the U.S. air strikes on Thursday. However, now an arab news source Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi is reporting that the U.S. air force is the source of the strikes, with more than 20 civilians killed and dozens more injured.

At least one woman was killed and three other people injured in Saturday’s strike, two activists in Khan Sheikhoun said, which adds to the nine civilians and four Syrian servicemen killed and two missing from the initial U.S. air strikes in the town. The uncertainty about who conducted the air strikes is in light of a U.S.-Russian memorandum on Syrian air space being suspended by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday.

CNN is reportingIt wasn’t immediately clear who conducted the strikes on Khan Sheikhoun, which was hit on Friday and Saturday, though only Russian and Syrian regime aircraft have been bombing that area of rebel-held Idlib province.”

My radio show host partner Hutch Bailie Jr said the person that stood to gain anything by framing Al Assad was Turkey’s leader Erdogan, who is seen here in this picture giving sympathy to a Khan Sheikhoun family.

What is your prediction for the future of the conflict in Syria? Will the U.S. enter into the civil war to fight both sides? Who are the winner and loser? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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