Uber Driver Rapes Customer In Santa Ana, CA!

Uber Driver Rapes Customer In Santa Ana, CA!
An Uber driver accused by prosecutors of having sexually assaulted a female passenger after she sought a ride home from a gathering

The only thing the original article doesn’t say is whether or not Angel Sanchez is a legal citizen and that was probably on purpose.

Sanchez had picked up the victim to take her home from Newport Beach, CA when he decided to attack and rape her. He was arrested the next day and charged.

Source: Yahoo Finance

An Uber driver accused by prosecutors of having sexually assaulted a female passenger after she sought a ride home from a gathering in the upscale seaside city of Newport Beach, California, was charged with rape on Wednesday.

Angel Sanchez, 36, was arrested a day after the March 30 attack, which took place on a street near the woman’s home in Santa Ana, California. The victim in the case was not identified by authorities.

Nobody should go through what this rider reported to police. We worked with law enforcement on the investigation and will continue to work with authorities,” an Uber [UBER.UL] spokesman said. Sanchez has been banned from driving for Uber.

Sanchez, who is scheduled for an initial court appearance in the case next week, faces a maximum sentence of eight years in prison if convicted.

I don’t get it with this company. They seem to be hated by the liberals. They seem to hire Barack Obama lackeys to maybe stave off threats from localities that are owned by taxi companies. Even the media seems to love trashing Uber any chance they get. I guess the political class see the big pile of money they have (they’re burning through it from what I’ve read) and want a piece of that action.

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I have no love for that company but do love how it disrupted the whole taxi industry. I know some Uber drivers are scum, but I suspect there are scummy taxi drivers out there that you don’t hear about.

The trial will be in California where the judge and jury will certainly be progressives who fully sympathize with what they perceive as the struggle of the disadvantaged in a morally bankrupt and prejudiced society. A skillful defense attorney should be able to explain the need to give the accused a pass on the charges even if he did commit the crime.

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