Graham Claims Trump Should Support Paris Climate Deal And I Say He’s Wrong

Graham Claims Trump Should Support Paris Climate Deal And I Say He’s Wrong
Senator Lindsey Graham thinks President Trump should support the Paris Climate deal.

On CNN’s Sunday episode of “State of the Union,” Senator Lindsey Graham said the GOP and country would get harmed if President Trump decided to withdraw from the Paris climate deal.

Trump was the only G7 leader not to announce support for the deal thus far Graham talked to CNN host Dana Bash.

The Hill reported more details from his interview.

“If he does withdraw, that would be a definitive statement from the president that he believes climate change is a hoax.”

Bash asked what a withdrawal would mean to him.

“It would be taken as a statement that climate change is not a problem; is not real. So that would be bad for the party, bad for the country.”

Here is the video from CNN’s Twitter page.

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I was not impressed with his comments. There is a difference between anthropogenic and natural climatic cycles. Nobody is saying natural climate change is a “hoax” because it has existed for the past 4 billion years.

It is the claim of humans having the ability to control the climate that is controversial and unproven.

Fortunately, the ultimate decision with the deal is not up to him.

On the other hand, Senator Rand Paul tweeted support for Trump to withdrawal.

I’m with Paul on this one. Not only do I disagree with Graham, but his reasoning on CNN to support the plan was weak.

The South Carolina Senator is also no stranger to battling Trump from the past. For example, Senators McCain and Graham wrote a joint letter of criticism in January to the president over his executive order on refugees.

The bottom line is we are not obliged to follow what other countries are doing. Fortunately, some reports say Trump is leaning towards withdrawing from the deal at this point. Graham is taking the wrong side on this.

What do you think about Senator Graham’s comments? Let us know.

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