Hillary’s New Super PAC Is Not To Be President, It’s To Pick One

Hillary’s New Super PAC Is Not To Be President, It’s To Pick One
The Clinton Foundation donations are drying up or at least she's not getting what they use to, so the next best thing is her "Onward Together" Super PAC.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has decided to choose a new direction to the Oval Office—kingmaker.

Hillary has failed twice to win the presidency, mostly because America realizes just who she is and turns the page on her chances. Just think, if millions loved her, she would be president but she’s not, and that’s the ugly truth.

The Clinton Global Initiative is gone. The Clinton Foundation donations are drying up, or at least she’s not getting what they use to, so the next best thing is her “Onward Together” Super PAC.

All of us know she’s doing this for money purposes, right? Clinton has filed her Super PAC under 501 (d) status which means she can collect unlimited funds from whoever she wants. Hillary gets to decide where the money goes, thus becoming a ‘kingmaker.’

The 501(d) status provides tax exemptions for religious and apostolic communities that share a common treasury. The IRS has failed to define religious/apostolic and thus the terms can be construed to mean any strongly held spiritual or secular belief.

The business that the community decides to partake is not taxable as long as all the proceeds are deposited into the designated common treasury and distributed. This includes all income whether produced through the community’s revenue source or by the individual. The community’s business can have either a not for profit or a for profit purpose.

The 501(d) exemption does not have any restrictions on political activity, unlike the 501(3)(c). In addition donations made to the community are not tax exempt.

Clinton as a kingmaker gives her a lot more power as she has more than an ear with those she chooses to help. This can be a huge problem going forward for some candidates who want to latch on to her name due to the problems and criminal activity that has occurred during her political lifespan.

One question most of you are running around in your head is why isn’t this woman in jail? It’s because she knows too much about too many people. So many politicians are afraid of the Clintons, and they would rather walk away than anger them.

What do you think of Hillary’s new gig? Will the money start pouring or will she continue to lose the support of donors? Is Hillary more dangerous as a presidential candidate or kingmaker? Share your opinion below in the comment section.

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