Man Sandwiched Between Two Obese Passengers Sues Airline; They Wouldn’t Reseat Him!

Man Sandwiched Between Two Obese Passengers Sues Airline; They Wouldn’t Reseat Him!
The airline wouldn't allow Michael Taylor, 67, to move his seat on this lengthy flight so he's going to court for a fight.

He was seated between two obese passengers for a 14-hour plane ride and all he wanted to do was move his seat.

Now he plans to sue the airline!

The airline wouldn’t allow Michael Taylor, 67, to move his seat on this lengthy flight so he’s going to court for a fight. If he wins, this could change flights forever. Taylor says he has nothing against the passengers, his anger is directed toward the airline.

Taylor complains that he had to “crouch, kneel, brace himself and stand” which also led to back injuries and neck bruising. If there were seats open on the plane, he should have been allowed to move wherever he desired.

Most airlines do not permit you to move your seat while the airline is stationary but when it’s in the air and the all clear sign has been given, most airline workers give you the ok to change your seat according to availability.

This was a huge mistake.

Source: NBCNews

Michael Anthony Taylor, 67, told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph he spent most of the trip from Sydney to Los Angeles either “crouching, kneeling, bracing or standing.” He claims the airline wouldn’t let him change seats and the awkward positions worsened his scoliosis, and caused back injuries and neck bruising.

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“I don’t hold any malice towards the people in the seats next to me — they’d paid for a ticket too,” he told the Telegraph. “The airline could have put me in a crew seat or moved people around, but they did nothing.”

Reached for comment, American Airlines spokesperson Ross Feinstein told NBC News, “We just received the lawsuit and we are reviewing the allegations.”

The flight occurred on December, 28, 2015 on a 777-300ER, which seats 310. All of the seats were occupied. According to U.S. federal regulations, passengers are not allowed to sit in seats reserved for crew members.

The suit, filed in Australian court, comes as recent stories have put poor airline passenger experiences in the spotlight: An American Airlines employee was suspended last week after getting into an argument with a passenger over a stroller. Shortly after that, the airline announced it was reducing legroom in some economy class seats on its new 737 jets.

Taylor is asking for $100,000 in damages. He contends the airline could have done something and they ended up doing nothing at all. That’s why he’s taking this to court.

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